How to join?

All Tether Defi holders can join and their wallet destination will be added automatically. So just at an account and put your USDD in and control it generates rewards. An automatic snapshot of the personal balance will take place at the beginning and the end of each cycle (note that the snapshot ending for one cycle is also the snapshot taken for another cycle). The reward will then be automatically forwarded to the managed personal addresses to avoid any movement of the negative balance.

Who is eligible?

After the program cycle, rewards are disbursed between addresses, successfully completing the cycle without any negative movements (any transfers from the corresponding address will automatically be disqualified to get reward). For a specified period of time, only addresses without outgoing transactions will be rewarded. The reward payment will be based on the original balance of the address during the period regardless of any additional USDD that has been added. The added USDD, if any, will be calculated for the initial value of the next period.


The awards will be disbursed after every program cycle within 24 hours after the end of each cycle.


the insured award from £ 50,000,000 are required in the license issued by the UK government. The first award period after July 4, 2020 (July 4, 2020) will distribute USD 60,000 of the pre-exploited USD 600,000 (reserved for marketing and project development) excluded from the program and therefore will not be subject to any rewards of the program.

What is Tether Defi??

Tether Defi is a decentralized value cryptocurrency with strong atractive to investors who are seeking a long-term investment in cryptocurrency securities..

Is this a branch of tether (USDD)?

NO. Tether Defi is not a branch of tether (USDD)? And using its own unique blockchain

Is it an open source project?

RIGHT. It is programmed in C # language and coded on ERC20 platform

When will it be released?

The Mainnet was launched on March 22, 2020, but the project started on July 4, 2020

Why did you decide to create Tether Defi?

Our passion is to develop a major cryptocurrency held by investors for a long term. We want USDD to become an suitable savings account which is accepted by everyone, because of its scarcity, but also because the investors community finds the long-term potential of holding a very scarcity currency. Please read the White book and view our Road Map to learn more about the place where Tether Defi is tended to. You can also check our Progress page to see the actual development

How is Tether Defi (USDD) different from Tether (USDT)?

The main difference is that the maximum supply of Tether Defi is only ~ 10 million coins and the potential for appreciation is infinite.

What is the code of Tether Defi?


Is it possible to exploit?

IT'S CORRECT. Tether Defi uses Strong Hands as an case feature using innovative , rewarding active holders. Read our guide, choose an appropriate group and start looking for rewards. You can calculate your profits through our calculation software.

How fast are Tether Defi's transactions?

USDD has the same target of block time with ETH, which is 30 seconds.

Is Tether Defi a privacy coin?

It is same with ETH, Tether Defi is a pseudonym, not anonymity, money in a wallet is not tied to people, but instead is one or more specific keys or addresses. As a result, USDD holders are not identifiable, but all transactions are publicly available in the blockchain. But we are planning to add more privacy features soon

Where can I get Tether Defi?

You can buy it on multiple trading floor, get through mining or even get free if you already hold some.

Which trading floor does Tether Defi exchange?

USDD can be bought on the following trading floor:

How can I get free USDD?

You can get Tether Defi when you join the Strong Hands Program for free, this is one of our use cases. To receive the free money, all things which you have to do to be keeping any amount of USDD on your wallet for a certain period. That is all. There are no other requirements.

Where can I store Tether Defi?

You can keep your money safe in one of the following wallets: trust walet, meta mast ... wallets stored on ERC20 platform or Web wallet.